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Contact Information

Page history last edited by Linda James 12 years, 6 months ago

Jana LemonsThis page was created for participants to share contact information with their fellow participants if they want to give that information.

Linda James   linda.james@rrisd.net   Delicious user name - rrbooklady    Shelfari - rrbooklady


Shelly Allen


Linda Connally


Michelle Ellis


Walta Evans          waevans@dimmittisd.net

                              Dimmitt Middle School


Donna Hill


Jill Knight


Donna Langely


Wai-Meng Leong


Kay Stanton


Denise VanMeter


Kyle Vannoy                     kvannoy@childressisd.net

                                        Childress High School


Melissa Vannoy


Sheri Warren                    sheri.warren@region16.net                    Delicious user name:  sisty46

                                        Kress Elementary


Lori Reed                         lori.reed@region16.net                           Delicious user name: smartteach

                                        Kress Elementary                    


Robert McLain               robert.mclain@region16.net                    Delicious user name: mclain35

                                       Channing ISD


Corina Srygley               corina.srygley@amaisd.org                    Delicious user name: ccsrygl


Beth Hatla    

                                        AACAL Amarillo ISD


Janice Carr                    janicecarr@herefordisd.net               Delicious user name:  jkcarr

                                     Hereford ISD

                                     West Central Elementary


Jana Lemons                     jana.lemons@region16.net                 Delicious user name: janalemons

                                       Claude ISD                                        Jana Lemons  web 2.0 page

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