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Virtual Showcase


Use this page to post information about what's been happening in your classroom. Feel free to post links, videos, and anything else you would like to share. I am excited about how this project has turned out and am looking forward to what you guys have to share!

Walta Evans--Dimmitt Middle School

As you view our wikis, we would enjoy your comments.

Gifted Wiki Students are producing and enjoying learning new ways to use technology and sharing comments about classmates' pages.

Social Studies Wiki for U.S. History created in conjunction with the 8th grade teacher to help her students study for vocabulary and history tests using StudyStack.com and quizlet.com. We have also put on some videos from TeacherTube.com.

Wiki for Texas History created to have a place for 7th grade students to find games and research topics for their classes.

Library Wiki This was my first wiki and it is on it that I learned. I was able to imbed a photostory that I created on Photo Story 2 and uploaded to TeacherTube.com . It is used to highlight our industrial arts program on the IA and Mechanics page. I also have put a voki on it which cannot be viewed at school. I learned to imbed a calendar and a clock using Google plugins.  Zoho polls allowed me to put a poll on the site to find out what kinds of fiction my students enjoy reading. Using sparklee.com I made a fancy title for the page. View all the pages to see all that I have done.

Aide Wiki--My library aides also have a wiki to introduce themselves and to post items about library displays. They have only introduced themselves so far.

My Heritage--For my family, I created a Family site that has our family history with pictures. I used a Web 2.0 tool called My Heritage that is for collaborating in this way. My family uses it to keep up with birthdays and to see pictures. I hope that they will eventually add pictures and events from all the family.

About My Family Names--In addition, I created a wiki to give background information on the names in my family history. Since we are of French heritage on my maternal grandfather's line, I named the wiki with the French name for family waltafamille. On this wiki, I included a Voice Thread that I made. This is another Web 2.0 tool.

Facebook--I have created a Facebook account and through it I keep up with grandchildren and nieces and nephews as well as friends. One of my teacher friends who has moved away and I play Scramble often on this site, so I use it for recreation. My granddaughter who is in college in Idaho and is getting married in December has posted pictures of her dress and their rings on the site, so I have seen these before the wedding.

Pictures--My pictures are stored on two Web 2.0 tools Picasa and Photobucket on both of these sites the pictures and albums can be either public or private. You can have some each way. There are many ways to enhance the photos on both, but both offer somethings the other does not. They are nice to use because I can use them to upload pictures to the web from any computer with internet access.

Blog--I have a blog where I review books that I have read. Another friend sent me an invitation to a tool called GoodReads where we exchange ideas about books we have read and rate them.

VoiceThread is a really fun Web 2.0 tool to use. I have made a Voice Thread to showcase my students that are participating in UIL in Oral Reading. I wanted them to be able to hear themselves and for others in our school and at home to hear them. Their oral reading has really improved as a result of trying out for the contests even if they do not place. They have found their different voices and now read with fluency and expression. I made avatars for the students and have put pictures in to represent the topics of their pieces. In the future, I plan to use the site for other students and teachers to read favorite selections. We hope to get it so all the teachers and students can use it.


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Jennifer McDaniel said

at 11:36 am on Nov 6, 2008

Walta - you are truly an inspiration! WOW! :)

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